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Cross Country Courses

We offer a Cross Country training course, in the heart of the French Northern Alps, one of the most famous and exciting free flight areas in the world. It is in this area, that paragliding was born and developed to become what it is today. Nevertheless, a very complex topography and aerology makes the Northern Alps a place where our expertise, our knowledge of the sites and our local know-how will allow you to optimize your time on site and to concentrate on the flying experience. Thanks to their wide variety of sites, the Northern Alps will allow us to sweep all aspects of the Cross Country technics.

Cross Country Courses

Improve your flight experience and skills by getting out of your comfort zone, with a coach helping you to manage the unknown.

We will not define distance or flight time objectives. Depending on the conditions and the site where we fly, the kilometers can be very technical and time consuming. You will gain in autonomy, skills and understanding over a flying week.

We will do everything to be remarkable learning experience.

The flight will be as close as possible to a competition task: we will plan a route, program it on our instruments, fly it in the most efficient possible way. Finally, we will analyze our tracks during the debriefing at the end of the day. Every day, we will work on the following points, which we will adapt to each one needs:

  • planning and debriefing

  • the weather forecast and definition of the task.

  • safety in the mountains, the specific aspects of the areas to be overflown - breezes, valley winds, venturis, meteorological wind, leesides, thermal, instability, etc.

  • turbulence, routing, tracking, airspaces, fatigue, etc.

  • off-field approach and preparation for it.

  • ground and sky relationship, slope orientations, and cloud information, when to take information or ground, or to the sky.

  • optimization of thermals, centering of the thermal core, thermodynamics.

  • connecting the thermals, anticipate and plan our next transition, before being at the ceiling.

  • speeds to flight to maximize efficiency.

  • decision making to ensure our safety and enjoy the conditions of the day.

Daily Program

Every day we will choose a flight site depending on the weather conditions. Once selected, on-site, we will use visible references, support material and GPS points, keeping in mind all possible options to safely fly, and achieve the objectives for that particular site. and weather conditions. During the flight, I will fly with the group, keeping a radio communication permanently. This way, I will provide you with the support, advice and tactical choices that will help you progress and evolve safely in areas that are new to you, achieving your goals.


Once each trainee has been recovered, we will return to the accommodation at the end of the day. Tracks will be downloaded  and analyzed, helping us understand the different options and results. 

Price: 675 eur/day

For a private group of up to 5 pilots.

We offer many options for you, we will discus your needs and accommodate them Including the possibility to do all your travel logistics.

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